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Thanks for taking a moment to visit our web site. We are the Carver High School Alumni Association (CHSAA) located in Lake City, South Carolina. Our association is tax-exempt (non-profit) under Section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Our association was officially established in March 2007 in Lake City, SC.

Since its inception, CHSAA has ventured into various endeavors involving educational opportunities for students. Our goal is work directly with the Ronald McNair Middle School and offer our alumni a chance to partner and network with other school in the Lake City Community.

CHSAA is a community-focus association that operates at the grass-root level. Its membership consists of individuals who attended Lake City Colored Schools, Carver High and partner schools from Olanta, Scranton, Coward and Camerontown.

The association seeks former and current Lower Florence County citizens who are really committed to making a positive contribution to the students of Ronald McNair Middle School and to serve as a support group for one another in fostering a good community. CHSAA emphasizes its core value by fostering love for one another and by advocating integrity, honesty, trust and respect.

A prime duty of CHSAA is to perpetuate the education focus, traditions, spirit and memory through a network of close fellowship and cooperation among members of the Lake City Carver High School family -- which includes alumni, former students, administrators, faculty, staff, parents of students, friends, and supporters.

In advocating the above as the essence of our mission, CHSAA aims to sponsor fund raising activities, provide scholarships and awards for high school graduates, support charitable causes consistent with the purpose of the association and promote programs beneficial to the general welfare of the of the Lower Florence County community.

Executive Board Officers
Chairperson Peter L. Gaskins CHAIR@LC-CHSAA.ORG
Vice Chairmen Gloria Tisdale VICECHAIR@LC-CHSAA.ORG
Recording Secretary Queen Wallace
Financial Secretary Estella McLean FINANCE@LC-CHSAA.ORG
Treasurer Delores Darby TREASURER@LC-CHSAA.ORG
Assistant Treasurer Edward Fulmore
Chaplin Rev. Shirley Thomas CHAPLIN@LC-CHSAA.ORG
Parliamentarian Latson Cockfield

Mailing Address
Carver High School Alumni Association
Post Office Box 1063
Lake City, South Carolina 29560

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