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Our Vision

To inspire descendents of Carver High School Alumni Association to achieve their highest potential in education and life skills and to be recognized as the best alumni chapter in the state.

Our Purpose

The Association is organized to work with Florence County School District Three, specifically Ronald E. McNair Middle School, formerly Carver High School-to develop responsible and productive citizens by providing challenging educational opportunities, which will maximize the talents and abilities of the students, and to offer Carver High Alumni the opportunity to network

Our History

The Carver High School Alumni Association was organized in March 2007, when  Rufus Timmons and John Gaston founders called a meeting at Lake City Elks Lodge. Officers were elected and a meeting time was established, the fourth Sunday of each month. The Association migrated later to Ronald E. McNair Middle School, where it meets every fourth Monday of each month.

The Association consists of  Lake City Colored School as well as Carver Elementary and High schools, including the areas of Olanta, Scranton, Coward and Camerontown. A person of leadership signifiance during the early 50's to the late 70's was Professor Pittman C. Lemmon, who served as a courageous teacher, principal, and adminstrator of Lake City schools for more than thirty years.

In 1954, the Carver High School was erected as a segregated school for black students of the surrounding communities. It became Lake City Junior High School when integration took hold and students of Carver High and J. Paul Truluck High combined in Lake City High School. The school later became Ronald E. McNair Junior High to honor our native son and alumnus of Carver High School, astronaut Dr. Ronald E. McNair; and soon after the student body changed and it was renamed Ronald E. McNair Middle School.

The focus of the Carver High School Alumni Association is to perpetuate the traditions, spirit, and memory of Carver High School. Carver High School Alumni Association seeks to establish a network of close fellowship and cooperation among members of the Carver High School family and friends.

With the support of our alumni and other community volunteers, we engage in programs such as, to sponsor fund-raising activities, to provide scholarships and awards for school students, to support charitable causes consistent with the purpose of the Carver High School Alumni Association, and to promote programs beneficial to the general welfare of our community.